hamburger 4.50

cheeseburger 4.95

bacon cheeseburger 5.95

pizza burger 5.95

mushroom & provolone 5.95


cheesesteak 8.95

cheesesteak super 9.95

pizza steak 8.95

chicken fillet 8.95

cheeseburger sub 8.95

sausage, pepper & onion 9.95

veggie 9.95

GLUTEN FREE 10" only cheese 10.50

with toppings 12.25

we ask you only have 2-3 toppings on the gluten free pizzas, they are very thin and we would like to make sure it gets properly cooked.

​NEW YORK STYLE thin crust, hand tossed

​cheese S-10.95 M-12.45 L-13.45

​each topping 2.00 - half 1.50

​SICILIAN STYLE thick crust, square pan

cheese S-11.95 L-16.95

​specialty S-18.95 L-24.95

​each extra topping 2.50 - half 1.75


mozzarella sticks 6.50

jalapeno poppers 6.50

onion rings 4.50

hot wings 9.50

french fries 3.25

cheese fries 4.75

bacon cheese fries 5.95

pizza fries 5.25

garlic bread 3.00

cheezy garlic bread 3.95


cannoli 4.00 or 2 for 7.00

cheesecake 4.75

ask about seasonal dessert specials


​sierra mist, pepsi, dr pepper, diet pepsi, mountain dew, pink lemonade -fountain

water, sweet tea, unsweet tea - bottle

​assorted kid drinks

​pepsi, diet pepsi, ginger ale - 2liter


pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, green peppers

onion, ground beef, hot peppers, black olive

anchovies, ham, bacon, pineapple,tomato

ITALIAN DINNERS​ served with garlic bread on the side

spaghetti with tomato sauce 9.95

spaghetti with garlic & oil 11.95

spaghetti with red or white clam sauce 14.95

ziti with tomato sauce 9.95

baked ziti 12.95

ravioli with tomato sauce 10.95

baked ravioli 12.95

tortellini with tomato sauce 10.95

gnocci with tomato sauce 10.95

lasagna 13.50


meatball 8.95

sausage 8.95

eggplant 9.95

chicken 9.95

veal 10.45


Italian 10.45

ham & cheese 8.95

tuna 8.95

salami & provolone 8.95



garden 6.45

caesar 7.45

chicken caesar 10.95

antipasto 10.95

​tuna 9.95

​cheesesteak 10.95


homemade Italian, blue cheese, ranch, caesar

​​Teddy's Brooklyn Style Pizza

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BAKED TURNOVERS served with sauce on the side

calzone S-10.95 M-15.95 L-21.95

​mozzarella, ricotta & ham

​Stromboli S-10.95 M-15.95 L-21.95

​mozzarella & fillings S-2 fillings M-3 fillings L-4 fillings

Italian dinners & platters are available in family sized portions

PLATTERS served with garlic bread

eggplant 11.45

chicken 11.95

veal 12.95

SPECIALTY PIZZAS new York style, thin crust, hand tossed

cheesesteak S-19.95 M-21.95 L-23.95

with/without onions

​clam S-18.95 M-20.95 L-22.95

​garlic & dried fresh basil

​Hawaiian S-15.95 M-17.95 L-19.95

​ham & pineapple

​meat lovers S-17.95 M-19.95 L-22.95

​ham, pepperoni, sausage, ground beef

​veggie S-17.95 M-19.95 L-22.95

​green peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes

​white S-18.95 M-20.95 L-23.95

​mozzarella, ricotta, tomato, garlic, dried fresh basil

supreme S-17.95 M-19.95 L-22.95

​pepperoni, sausage, onion, mushrooms, green peppers

​... available in SICILIAN STYLE thick crust, square pan pizza..


plain 2.50 each topping .50

specialty of the day slice - priced daily


meat sauce 4.00

pesto 4.75

meatballs 3.50

sausage 4.00

mushrooms 3.50

chicken platter 5.50

eggplant platter 5.75

veal platter 5.95